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3 Advantages to Having a Website for Your Business That You May Not Have Considered

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As a business owner, you can enjoy a host of advantage when you have a website for your small business. Of these, notice three which you may not have considered.

Having a website saves you money

Having a website brings your business an extremely large consumer base and increased profit. But did you know a website can also reduce the costs associated with advertising?

Offline advertising such as exposure to billboards, newspaper ads, even stationery­ – like brochures and business cards – can put a serious dent in your bottom line. Further, offline advertising, unless used in conjunction with a targeted approach to generating leads, is often ineffective. As long as you execute SEO initiatives properly, you can enjoy free third-party representation for your brand through social media profiles alone. Nice, right?

Having a website simplifies customer experience

In a retail setting, associates greet customers as they come in the door. However, reactions to the standard “Hello, welcome to our store” are often mixed. Currently, most consumers prefer to shop in peace. Others might not even want or be able to come to your store at all because of social anxiety. Having a website gives nervous consumers the opportunity to purchase products from your business without the hassle. They get what they need and can enjoy the process.

Having a website improves accessibility

If your business is open only 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’ve got 16 hours of missed opportunity every time you close your doors. You also miss out on sales due to inclement weather. Consumers are busy people. They may not be available during retail hours to venture out to your physical location.

Having a website affords your consumers the opportunity to continue shopping after you have closed your physical location, or the ease to make a purchase in their pajamas. Ensure as much continuity as possible in terms of how responsive your website is across mobile devices to further simplify the user experience and improve accessibility. If consumers have the ability to purchase your product at their convenience, you can operate your branches at yours without missing out on potential revenue.

Obviously, having a website is crucial to your bottom line. Improved accessibility and simplicity for the customer as well as reduced advertising costs have a direct impact on how much revenue you generate. If you need help getting started, fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with our team and see how we can help you with your new website.

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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money


Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money