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7 Reasons Why More Businesses Are Getting into Social Media Marketing

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Marketing through social media is becoming more and more popular. Why? Because it works! Those who do not use platforms like Facebook or Twitter may not understand why, but there are at least seven reasons why social media marketing is the way to go for your business.

1. Direct Contact

Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube allow a business to directly reach their consumers. An old saying with business is “location, location, location.” In the current climate, geographic location is less important than ever. Many successful businesses run out of homes or warehouses and never contact their customers face-to-face. Through social media, a business can contact a customer directly without making it feel like an intrusion.

2. Quick Replies

This is the real beauty of using social media. The number of people using Facebook and Twitter is unbelievable. These people oftentimes rant or rave about products or services they have purchased through these mediums. If the company finds a customer raving about them on Twitter, they can retweet and reach more people. If the customer rants about them, they can contact the customer right away by replying and fix the problem. That will help win the customer over.

3. Shows Off Your Personality

Social media can be used to showcase a company’s personality as much as their products. Customers respond to the total package. They want to like the company as much as the product that they purchase. If the customer likes a company, they will like the company’s Facebook page or follow them on Instagram, which allows the business to advertise their products for free through these mediums.

4. Convenient Purchases

People used to shop store by store. With the internet, people shop online and actually visit stores only when they absolutely have to. The quick-hit notices that go out on social media let the customers find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. Links pointing to products can lead to directly to purchases.

5. Promotes Branding

“Out of sight, out of mind.” If the target demographic for a business is immersed in social media, then it only makes sense for a business to become immersed in it as well. Otherwise, the business runs the risk of being passed by in favor of the next “big thing” that is using social networks.

6. Improves Website Traffic

Companies who have a blog can share their posts on their social media profiles. When a post is shared on a Facebook Page, for example, your fans/followers will click into the link to read the full post on your site. This helps increase web traffic naturally! If your post is well written and interesting, some might even share it on their own pages for their friends to read.

7 – Helps Google Rankings

Social media links are now actively checked by Google as a way to determine the quality of a website. If your content is liked, shared and retweeted, Google will give you bonus points and will improve your domain authority and web rankings. To truly profit from this, make sure you are sharing quality content and giving users an easy way to engage with your content.

Knowing what social media marketing is and its importance allows you to experience great results when it comes to conversion and lead generation. Now, you have to use this knowledge and start making decisions about your company’s marketing progress in social networks.

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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money