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9 Reasons to Add Print Marketing to Your Marketing Campaign

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If your small business has abandoned print marketing, you are not alone. The importance of print marketing has declined dramatically in recent years, driven by a rise in email, social media and other online advertising methods. Even so, print still has a secured place in marketing. Here are nine reasons to add print back into your marketing campaign.

1. Overflowing Email Inboxes

Promotional emails can easily get lost or ignored because of the overabundance of them being sent out to customers on a daily basis. If you want to cut through the clutter, print marketing is the way to go. Email marketing has its place, but a bold postcard displaying your newest promotion is much harder to ignore.

2. Easily Target Recipients

Digital ads aren’t the only way to target your specific market. You can buy reasonably priced mailing lists based on a host of demographic data, from income levels to specialized interests. You can even change the look and text of your print ads to match your potential customer’s personalities.

3. Reasonable Costs

The costs of a print marketing campaign are cheaper than you might think. And if you target your campaign properly, you can lower your advertising costs while increasing your response rates.

4. Everyone Gets Mail

Digital marketing takes a lot of research and testing to know if your message is actually reaching the people you want it to. With print, it’s a more straight-forward approach, because everyone has a mailbox. Some people only get mail and steer clear of technology because they are still uncomfortable with it. Others are excited to receive a personalized piece of mail because they get mail infrequently. Depending on your target market, print increases your reach and brand awareness.

5. Less Competition

Since the use of print has declined, your business has less competition when you organize a marketing campaign. As a result, you can expect a higher response rate and return on your investment.

6. Print Works Well With Others

Print marketing is not an all or nothing proposition – you can combine it with any other form of marketing that suits your business model. Whether you prefer email marketing, social media outreach or another form of digital advertising, print marketing enriches your marketing efforts in many ways.

7. Describe Your Products In Detail

With more space to fill, you can go in depth about the benefits of what you sell, how it benefits buyers or even testimonials on why people love it.

8. Encourages a Longer Attention Span

Most people scan an email in three seconds, but reading a print message requires more time – and more attention. This can be great for business because you have the opportunity to make a bigger impression on people by detailing all the wonderful aspects of your product or service.

9. Print Builds Brands

Print is a powerful tool for brand awareness. Whether it’s a postcard, poster, promotional brochure, or an amazing business card, having something people can feel in your hands really resonates with customers. For instance, a beautiful shiny IKEA catalog just makes its fans want to run to the store immediately. On its own or in combination with other advertising, print marketing is the perfect way to build your brand awareness.

If you think print is dead, think again. There are plenty of reasons to include print marketing in your advertising portfolio, and doing so could boost your profits, increase your brand awareness and build a better business.

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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money