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Is a Cruise the Right Vacation for you?

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Cruising is a popular option when it comes to planning the next vacation, and for good reason. A cruise and all that goes along with it can be the ultimate vacation experience. With a variety of cruise lines, catering to every taste and social group, there is bound to be a trip that is just right for you. The locales are global and the itineraries are extensive.

If you’re still not convinced that cruising is for you, consider six advantages:

1. A cruise ship is a floating hotel.

Every port of call is a new adventure and you get to take advantage of the change of scenery without packing your bag and moving from hotel to hotel. Less time transporting between locations means more time actually enjoying your time away from the daily routine of life.


2. Every day is essentially a new vacation experience.

Every island, city or port offers a different flavor. There is no better way to expand your vacation experience within a short span of one or two weeks.


3. Cruises offer a gluttonous array of culinary delights.

In fact, just mention the word cruise and the first thought is often about the never-ending indulgences and, unfortunately, the extra weight that many cruisers find themselves returning home to battle.


4. Cruise ships take care of the planning for you.

Every minute of the day, and much of the night, is alive with the energy of so many people making the most of their vacation. If you want to relax by the pool, that’s okay, but if you want to party the night away you’ll be able to find a place to do that as well.


5. Cruise ships take you to places you might never go on your own.

Many locations, while not enticing enough to warrant an entire vacation week, will be wonderful stops for a single day on a cruise. After a ten-day cruise, you could very well expand the number of islands or countries you’ve visited in your travels by a significant number.


6. A cruise package is a hugely economical for what you get.

If you’re not convinced, just try putting together a vacation on your own that includes all the amenities that come along with the cruise package. Just the sheer volume of what the cruise lines can provide makes their offerings favorable.

Taking a cruise, whether it is to the many islands of Hawaii, the exotic locations of the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, the wilderness of Alaska or one of many other wild and wonderful destinations, is a vacation you will remember with delight. Once you realize how enjoyable, economical and convenient the whole experience can be, you, like so many other travelers, will be hooked for life.


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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money