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How to Send the Perfect Corporate Gift Every Time

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During a year in the life of any successful business, a time will come when it feels appropriate to send a corporate gift. This may come during a holiday season, the birthday of a valued client, or any number of other occasions. 

Whatever the reasoning behind the gift, it is never easy to know what you should purchase and how much you should spend. The answer can be tough to nail down, but if you take the following things into consideration, you’ll send a great gift every time.

1. Their Personality

Avoid giving generic or boring corporate gifts by matching the personality of the client to the gift. Try to think about the client’s character, interests or preferences and send something that you think they will enjoy. For example, sports fans would no doubt appreciate tickets to their favorite team. For art-loving clients, perhaps you can send them a painting by a local artist. Tailoring the gift to each client shows that you put some thought into their gift and appreciate them personally.

2. The Business Relationship

The size of any corporate gift should correlate to the importance and closeness of your business relationship with the client. For smaller clients, a relatively simple and inexpensive gift will suffice. However, for customers who make up a large percentage of your overall revenue or who refer others to your company on a regular basis, a little extra time and money needs to go into the gift.

3. The Occasion

You can also determine the nature of a corporate gift by the occasion. If the gift is for a popular festivity, sending one the whole office can enjoy is a thoughtful gesture. On the other hand, a highly personalized or engraved gift may be more appropriate gift for a client’s 50th birthday.

Corporate gift giving can sometimes require a lot of thought, however, it’s well worth the effort. A perfect gift is a great way to strengthen the bonds between two companies. Alternatively, hiring a corporate gift specialist, like the experts at Your Way Group, is a great way to bridge the gap between the work it takes to send the perfect gift and everything else you have on your plate as a business owner.

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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money