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Content Marketing: Three Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog Right Now

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Most businesses appreciate the importance of a digital presence, and many have a website and social media channels. If your business doesn’t center around content, then you may feel having a company blog is not necessary. However, all kinds of businesses can benefit significantly by keeping an active blog.

1. It drives traffic to your website.

Content and SEO are close friends, and many websites with high traffic also have extensive content. If you are struggling to get users to your site, then adding a blog is a smart strategy. When your articles use the right keywords, they can be picked up by Google searches. In turn, this gets new users to your website that you may be able to convert into paying customers, especially if the other parts of your site are well designed.

2. It lets consumers know about your business.

Many businesses think that if they build it, customers will come to them. However, as with the first point, it’s crucial that people can find your site. Naturally, merely starting the blog can begin that process. However, consumers also want to know more about your business. You can use the blog to explain who you are and the types of work you’re doing. It’s undoubtedly correct people will be more inclined to buy your services once they know all about your business.

3. Its crucial for an active social media and engaging email newsletters.

When it comes to digital media and marketing, everything works together. You shouldn’t look at your website, blog, social media channels and email marketing as separate entities because they are all part of the same thing – your branding. If you want a successful social media presence, then your blog content is a vital part of that. The bonus here is you can direct traffic from your social media to your website. It’s the same thing with email marketing; the best email newsletters have links to compelling blog content.

Content marketing plays such a prominent role in successful online businesses these days. You may think that your business isn’t so suited to a blog. However, there are so many benefits to having one that can help to boost sales and interest in your business. Just remember a blog can drive traffic to your website, lets consumers know about your business and helps fill your social media and email newsletters with compelling content.

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Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money


Free Ebook: How Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Your Business Money